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  • Its been a while since I been online and communicated with someone who

  • We live in Chicago and our 12 yr old daughter has Morquio IV A. And th

  • Are there any older folks in this community? By older, I mean 65 years

  • Good morning fellow Morquio people!

  • My 11 year old son was diagnosed a little less than a year ago. I am j

  • I finally made it back online. I would like to introduce myself. I am

  • I am just leaning how get back on here today so looking around

  • We received results on my dad today and he is Morquio A. He is 80 year

  • I haven't introduce myself on my first post. I am Jocelyn Wong from

  • My daughter has had plates and screws placed in top and bottom of both

  • When a parent hears the word Morquio they often think of a short life

  • Bella enjoys doing crafts - such as painting, beading, and anything wi

  • I've worked in Human Resources as a data entry person and have done ge

  • Dane is very active. He is attending college, working part-time, and i

  • When Annabelle crawled into my car after picking her up from 1st grade

  • Morquio may not be the word that is commonly used, but it is the word

  • I am a mother of daughter (Tibian) she is an 11 year old and has Morqu

  • I work for The City of Oklahoma City in the Utility Customer Service D

  • I am the Aunt of two young girls under the age of 6 that have Morquio

  • My diagnosis came when I was 4 1/2. I started walking, and that's whe

  • I was 2 and a half years old when the doctors discovered I had morquio

  • I was diagnosed with Morquio type A at 18 months. As my parents would

  • My math teacher's son has a son that has morquio He was about 2.5 when

  • I have my two babies with Morquio syndrome a boy, 13 and his sister, 1

  • I was diagnosed with Morquio A at 2 and a half years old, I have had 8

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